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DOUBLE LORES Fast Animation Editor


The Fast Frame editor for the Apple //e enhanced (or better) let's you create fast frame animations in double LORES. You can load double lores images from almost any source and edit them with the tools of the fast frame editor. Up to 10 frames are possible. The tool includes a built-in animation feature that let's you playback your animations.

It is planned to develop a &-library for using the double lores animations you created from any AppleSoft Basic program.

The intro sequence of the editor is a mini demo itself playing music via the MockingBoard and showing a small animation frameset:


  • Download the ProDOS DSK-image V.1.1 (Apple //e enhanced or better only)!
  • Download editor keyboard command instructions.

Keyboard Commands:

  • See the downloadable PDF-document!
  • CTRL-Q: Quit program to ProDOS


  • Graphics Design: Dan Henderson
  • Double Lores Code: Marc Golombeck
  • Music: Last Warning (EA from Antares)
  • Additional Advice: Dr. N. H. Cham

 System Requirements:

  • Apple //e enhanced, IIc, IIc+, IIgs
  • 65C02 CPU
  • 128 kB RAM
  • MockingBoard (no intro soundtrack without MockingBoard - but the editor works without music.)


This game would not have reached its current point of progress without the help and software of other great guys out there. Thank you for your great software and support!

I want to point out some major tools used by this game: