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Restoration of Disk-][-Drives

In 1978 the Disk-][-Drive was a major revolution since it replaced the slow cassette-tape for data storage. At first a 5,25"-disk could store up to 114 kB of data which was increased to 140 kB with DOS 3.3 and ProDOS. Since the disk drive is only writing data to one side of the disk the reverse side of most disks could be used for data storage as well by applying a disk notcher.

Most of the surviving drives today are almost forty years old. Due to their old age and depending on the use and storage of the drive many of them suffer from wearing off and need to be carefully refurbished. Besides an intense and thorough cleaning of the mechanical components often a recalibration of the read-write-head and drive electronics is necessary. 

I have written an article on Apple2FAQ dealing with the Disk-][ recalibration procedure giving the most important dos and don'ts of the process.